Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office 

Coordonator: Asist. Univ. Dr. Florin Roșu

Have you ever wondered if you can actually save one’s life? Now you have the opportunity to learn the correct resuscitation technique that you can apply in both your dental office and your life.

Knots and Sutures

Coordonator: Șef Lucrări Dr. Oana Ciurcanu

The purpose of this workshop is to give students the opportunity to acquire elementary surgical notions. They will have the chance to become familiar with surgical instruments; they will learn how to rightly perform basic procedures such as knots, incisions and sutures in the oral cavity.


Digital impressions and handling of digital models

Coordonator: Prof. Cristina Dascălu

Restoration workshop - Kerr

(details soon)

Restoration workshop- Septodont

(details soon)

Dental Dam

Coordonator: Șef lucrări Dr. Angela Ghiorghe

Șef lucrări Dr. Galina Pancu

Tips & tricks on how to properly apply the Dental Dam.

Laser in dentistry: An innovative tool in modern dental practice

Decan Prof. Univ. Dr. Norina Consuela Forna

Șef Lucrări Dr. Doriana Agop - Forna​​

HTP Medical

Workshop Challenges in Contemporary Oral Implantology 
Coordonator: Decan Prof. Univ. Dr. Norina Consuela Forna

Periodontal Surgery
Coordonator: Șef Lucrări Dr. Alexandru Ionuț Luchian

  This is your chance to learn surgical procedures designed to restore damaged periodontal structures which support the teeth.

Tooth preparation techniques for veneers
Coordonator: Șef lucrări Dr. Alina Apostu

 ICON technique
Coordonator: Șef lucrări Dr. Galina Pancu

Tooth carving in soap
Coordonator: Conf. Dr. Diaconu-Popa Diana

Restoration workshop  - Dentsply Sirona
Coordonator: Șef Lucrări Dr. Simona Stoleriu

(details soon)

Endodonthics workshop - Dentsply Sirona
Coordonator: Dr. Sebastian Lupu

(details soon)

Restoration workshop  - 3M

(details soon)